Accelerated WordPress Hosting for High Performance Websites

Specialized WordPress hosting and maintenance service for very responsive websites and unparalleled load speeds

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Rise to the top

Increase Conversions

Did you know that slow loading websites result in high bounce rates? This means you don’t get a chance to show your carefully crafted website. Showing your website means more conversions.

Save Money

Pay Less For Ads

Google rewards ads for the user experience – what they call Quality Score (QC). A greater QC on your page results in Google showing your ads more and favoring your ads over the competition even while bidding the same or less.

What About Security?

Continuous malware scanning

18.5 Million! websites are infected with malware at any time. This is particularly common in WordPress sites. That’s why our hosting continuously scan for malware to avoid being a participant in the statistics.

Increased Conversions
Malware Scanning

The Sky's The Limit

What pageSpeed Score can I expect?

Our fastest plan can get you above 90 for both Desktop and Mobile in Google’s PageSpeed Insights, as well as above 95 in both PageSpeed Score and YSlow Score in GTMetrix*

Our plans

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WordPress Optimized Server for business sites where speed customizations are not inclusive



Advanced caching and image optimizations for increased performace



All of the above, and below! Server caching, browser caching, and Content Delivery Network

All our plans include 2.5 GB Storage, Unlimited Data Transfer*, Forced SSL Encryption for the site, weekly backups with 6 backups stored.

For serious websites only! Ask us about dedicated support

Today's business website require more than just hosting to keep them running smoothly, and worry free.

*Starting at $279/month

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